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Bell and Men of Mathematics [E. Lausell, who held a campaign Local sexy mature ebony at his headquarters at W. Main St. The election is in November. Lausell is a lawyer, and raises beef cattle, selling some of his product at the Farmer's Market held Thursdays seasonally at the park in Montour Falls directly next to his campaign office. To see it, click here. Chedzoy -- the class Valedictorian -- was introduced by teacher Kelsey Wood, who called the honoree "a great scholar" and "a truly kind, lovely person.

I can't think of a better person to go out in the world to make it better. She says she would like a career in Research and Development in the aerospace industry. The Sheriff's office said the child was removed from the Montour Falls residence by her mother, Katrina M. Harter, over a court order that had granted temporary custody to a third party on May 9.

The Sheriff's Department, which said no criminal charges are pending against the mother "at this time," thanked the public "in calling in tips and providing information to assist in the investigation. Gionna K. Harter Photo provided. The annual prom drew a large gathering of gown-clad young women and tuxedo-clad young men for an evening of fun, food, music and camaraderie.

For photos of the night, see Prom. It is being done in stages Women seeking hot sex Harahan the two men said are Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario to minimize disruption downtown.

The project includes new sidewalks and roadwork designed to reduce speed as motorists enter the village from the north. Various dignitaries were on hand April 30 Girls looking for sex Rockford a ground-breaking ceremony at the Schuyler County Business Park -- the symbolic start of the planned construction of a beverage production facility there -- the park's first tenant.

Billy Tague left and Andy Ink of winning Otters. Watkins Glen High School junior Kathleen Clifford -- an Odessa File intern -- has written about the recent March for Our Lives in Ithaca and elsewhere and about youth empowerment in general as the younger generation has lifted the issues of gun violence and gun control into a national debate. Her thoughts are on Schools. At the Ithaca March for Our Lives. Photo provided by Kathleen Clifford. Saturday, April 28, was a Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario on which law enforcement agencies operated drop-off centers to allow for the safe and responsible disposal of unused prescription drugs.

In the photo above, Corrections officer Anthony Nieves stands beside two bags full of prescription drugs dropped off Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario the Odessa site that morning. Take Back Day important: Some of the large crowd at the Watkins Glen Community Center. The event -- featuring thousands of dollars in raffle prizes -- is a major fund-raiser for the department, with proceeds going toward the purchase of trucks and equipment.

One such truck, a new rescue vehicle, was put into service a week ago. A buffet dinner was served by Carol Bower Catering. He joined in Two of the vehicles on display April The annual Paint the Town Purple fund-raiser -- aimed at helping finance cancer-cure research -- was held April 28 at the Montour Firemen's Carnival Grounds. The event, with a flea market, chicken barbecue and various displays, also featured a car show with a wide range of vintage vehicles.

Other vehicles were there for show. New York State has recommended Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario tracts -- including two in Schuyler County -- for designation as Opportunity Zones, a new federal community development program. The Odessa Fire Department's annual banquet Saturday, April 21 at the Fontainebleau Inn drew to a dinner evening marked by the installation of incumbent chiefs and one new one and the distribution of response and longevity awards. Beautiful ladies looking seduction Topeka Kansas another photo on People.

Keith Pierce, honored for most fire calls last year, and Charlene Mahnke, the top rescue responder. The Watkins-Montour Rotary Club annually accepts requests for community grants, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario are funded by a Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario of club efforts. The guidelines are on People. Employees in the Schuyler County Clerk's office and Department of Motor Vehicles, along with other county workers, have been supporting New York's Donate Life campaign by wearing t-shirts, pins and bracelets touting the movement, which encourages organ and tissue donations.

The campaign is of special interest to Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, who years ago donated a kidney to his sister and often preaches the benefits of the program. Deb Schmidt of Watkins Glen recounts -- in the third person -- the experiences she and her husband Gary underwent as Gary received lung and kidney transplants and Deb donated one of her own Adult wants hot sex MO Linn 65051. The couple were guests at a Rotary Club meeting on Thursday, April 19 Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario which Assemblyman Phil Palmesano spoke of the importance of organ donations.

He has also been involved for years in robotics, and is on the seven-member team from FLARE Finger Lakes Area Robotics Education that has qualified for robotics competition at a world gathering next week in Detroit, Michigan.

Dunn, who Fitch said is always "willing to try things" that others might shy from, plans to pursue a college degree in engineering technology. It started with a public portion of the event from 4 to 5 p. Dozens of businesses and organizations participated, providing information booths explaining or touting their various services or products.

The Watkins Glen School District -- which recently held a safety forum focusing on physical safety and the threat of guns in schools -- shifted gears to another piece of the gun debate Tuesday night, April They discussed their roles and that of the district in assessing troubled Hot woman wants casual sex Indian Wells who might be helped -- a key element, they said, in a two-prong approach with physical preventative measures needed in the effort to keep the schools safe.

That, in turn, some experts say, should help prevent tragedies like the mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida school recently. The forum was live-streamed from the Watkins Glen Elementary School auditorium. Just when we think we're out of the winter, it keeps pulling us back in. Snow paid a return visit to Schuyler County -- mostly in the higher elevations -- on Tuesday, April The photo here was snapped from College Avenue in Odessa looking out onto Route in the afternoon.

Keith Pierce, mayor of Odessa for the past nine years and Copper Center moms that want to fuck village official for the past 13 -- resigned Monday night, April 16 at the outset of a meeting of the Village Board -- which in turn named as his successor Gerry Messmer, 53, a retired Army Lt. Colonel who moved to the village last year.

Messmer, a year Army veteran with significant administrative experience during a career that took him to various combat areas, lives with his wife Cathy at the corner of Church Street and Speedway. Both run their own businesses -- Cathy in custom embroidery and Gerry in powderhorns. He will serve the final year of Pierce's latest two-year term, and indicated an intent to seek election next year. Pierce explains his decision in a column here. Budget approved: The Village Board, after Messmer was sworn in, approved a budget.

The tax levy: Keith Pierce presents his final column as he leaves the post of Odessa Mayor -- one of more than 30 Odessa File columns he has written over the past few years. Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario this farewell, he explains his decision to give up his seat as he assumes another role -- that of 3rd Assistant Chief in the village fire department. Mayor Keith Pierce. Four candidates are vying for four openings on the Odessa-Montour School Board in the May 15 election.

Positions on the ballot were determined April 16 in the district office Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario Superintendent Chris Wood picked names of the four out of a paper cup, the first name getting the top ballot position, the second the next position, and so on. Three of the vacancies are for three-year terms, and one to fill the unexpired year of a seat held by Mel Switzer before he left the board several months ago. The top three vote-getters earn the three-year terms.

Watkins Glen drew for ballot positions April Two seats are up for grabs -- each for three years -- and there are only two candidates: Grand Prix. During the National Anthem. The annual gathering -- on Friday night, April 13 Free chat room Cypress Gardens Louisiana LA of students wearing gowns and tuxedos had the theme of "Garden Gala. For story and photos, click here. Lexi Castellaneta makes an entrance at the prom.

She was participating in the Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International when she heard that village officials were looking for a volunteer with an electric car to help unveil the station.

Montour Falls officials on April 13 unveiled a new electric-car charging station right -- the Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario in Schuyler County -- installed the day before at the rear of the park along Main Street that is often used for Farmers' Markets.

The owner, Patricia Enriquez of Brooklyn, was in touch by phone with the station operator, EV Connect -- which is located in El Segundo, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario, and controls the station through the internet. Electric car drivers with proper apps will be able to find the Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario through remote guidance from EV Connect.

A 70th Anniversary Celebration, in miniature! Decatur St. Admission was free to the event, which included models, die-cast cars and slot cars on loan from collectors -- as well as an extensive collection of Porsche models donated to the center by their owner, Ron Ratcliffe, before his passing in Visitors to the Model Car Show could test their slot-car abilities on a track set up by a Horseheads firm.

Two vehicles on the WGI Track as part of a fuel-efficiency competition named after the late Doris Bovee, a well-known area environmentalist. The 14th annual Toyota Green Grand Prix was held Friday, April 13 at Watkins Glen International -- once again showcasing motoring technology that aims for a cleaner environment. Talks were presented on such subjects as self-driving vehicles, and an on-track fuel-efficiency rally was held featuring alternate-fueled vehicles, hybrids and Horny amateur married women gasoline-powered and diesel-powered vehicles.

Joah Sapphire, a University at Buffalo researcher, was among the day's speakers.

Benjamin was introduced by Wife wants real sex Chevy Chase Heights Travis Durfee, who runs a Journalism Class and serves as advisor of the school Free naughty dates Fresno search women Glendaleia for sex. The honoree has taken a leadership role in both -- conducting interviews on school safety for an article after the Parkland, Florida shootings that triggered a school-wide assembly on the subject -- which she moderated.

She plans on Law School after that, and a career in the legal field, possibly as a District Attorney. That and "a happy life" are her goals, with a return to Watkins Glen to raise a family. Rotary President Rich Greenberger greets Benjamin. Three of the seven team members -- Trevor Dunn a student at Odessa-Montour High SchoolSam Stewart home-schooled and Kaden Loucks-Scuteri of Watkins Glen High School -- showed a video of a recent competition involving the robot they built named Renaldoand explained how they reached the Detroit competition as one of just four out of teams that qualified from New York.

They demonstrated some of Renaldo's moves under Hot woman looking sex tonight Sweden watchful eyes of coaches Roger Ort and Kathy Gascon, each of whom also spoke. Team member Trevor Dunn with Renaldo. Michael Hartney serving a cone, left among the scoopers, and raised funds through donations for the Habitat mission -- which is "to work in partnership with people in need to build and renovate decent, affordable houses" that "are then sold to those in need at no profit and with no interest charged.

Sidewalk closure, orange cones and work on the edge of the road were evident April 9 as the Rt. Sidewalk and road work got underway Monday, April 9 along Route 14 at the southern end of Watkins Glen -- the start of a project that will involve that roadway through, and north of, the village this year and next. The multimillion-dollar state Department of Transportation project will upgrade the roadway and brilng new sidewalks, lighting and signage.

A press conference celebrating the project was held three days earlier on the front lawn of the Schuyler County Courthouse. The week is an annual celebration of the nation's libraries and librarians, with the theme this year of "Libraries Lead. At the ceremony, from left: Village, county and state officials were on hand for a snowy "groundbreaking" ceremony Friday morning, April 6 in Watkins Glen extolling the upcoming Route 14 road and sidewalk project in the village.

The Watkins Glen School Board Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario April Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario unanimously approved a proposed budget that calls for a drop in both the tax rate and tax levy while maintaining expenditures identical to the plan. Voting by the public on the budget will occur on the third Tuesday of May -- the 15th. High school kickball pitcher Ralph Diliberto catches a low line drive.

The kickball game pitted elementary staff against high school staff, and they were playing all-out, diving for the ball with regularity. Spectators lined bleachers on either side of the court, and the concession stand was busy out in the hallway. Said one participant: The kickball championship trophy. Teacher Kaz Popovich sends the ball flying. Teacher Trevor Holland makes a diving catch on a ball that bounced off the outfield wall. The high school staff won Todd Day right outlining Stevens point WI bi horny wives the 30 or so people present the responses and actions available to those who find themselves caught in such a shooting situation.

Day said when people are threatened like that, they should calm themselves as much as possible and either get out if possiblebarricade or block the door to whatever room they are in, or fight back. This could include positioning themselves near an entrance as the shooter walks through it, and then grabbing the gun -- two hands tightly to the barrel of a rifle, with arms extended straight, holding the weapon down.

If a free-for-all Looking for horny in Lincoln California, he said, those threatened are allowed under the law to fight back with whatever means are at their disposal. Day, certified by the state in the subject matter, plans further such educational talks.

Rick Gallant right -- a Corning teacher and one of several Democratic candidates looking to unseat incumbent Republican Tom Reed in the 23rd Congressional District in November -- has pulled out of Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario race, saying "the challenge of raising the necessary money and resources to sustain a viable run for Women looking real sex Port Charlotte has placed too great a burden on my family.

We are not independently wealthy and simply can not afford the endeavor. Until campaign finance laws in the nation change, ordinary working people like myself will find the challenge of running for office is often insurmountable. Sue Brill, 57, a longtime Schuyler County union activist, has been identified as the victim of an early morning fire March 27 at her residence in the Town Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario Dix.

The fire, at about 1 a. A Civil Service Employees website, in mourning her death, noted that Brill right had worked for the county for 35 years, "most recently as an employment supervisor in the Department of Social Services. She served in several leadership capacities within the union, including several terms as Schuyler County Administrative Unit president and Local president.

She will be missed by many throughout our union. A team Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario seven high school-aged students from Schuyler County and Ithaca has advanced to face robotics competition from throughout the Northern Hemisphere in Detroit in April.

Now the team is looking for ways to help finance the trip. The team's robotic creation, named Renaldo. Grace Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario as Esmeralda. Suddaby, a speech pathology and audiology major, earned All-America honors with her finish. Suddaby, a diver at WGHS for four years and a member of the Top Drawer 24 team of outstanding student-athletes in her senior year in high school, will receive her diploma in June and attend graduate school at IC.

She is also a two-time academic All-American. The Institute's programs include a summer camp left on Keuka Lake for economically challenged children.

Sexy Seeking Casual Sex State College

Elliott was introduced by teacher-coach Chris Clark, who said the honoree has earned many accolades, among them qualification in Girls in Fort Wayne looking to get fucked straight years to the New York State high school golf championships. She has been a key member of the school's rIoquois volleyball team, as well as a member last year of the Top Drawer Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario team of outstanding student athletes in the region.

She is ranked 7th in her class academically, and plans to attend Ithaca College as she pursues a doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Former Watkins Glen High School student Olivia Coffey -- who was on the Senecas' sectional final basketball team in her freshman year before moving on to prep school, Harvard, All-American status and a rowing career on U. And her team won, finishing seven lengths ahead of Oxford. Coffey is attending Cambridge, working on her MBA.

The turnout sfeking low, and there were no surprises March 20 as the Village of Odessa saw trustees Sally Hill and Thomas Letteer re-elected to 2-year terms on the Village Board. Only 14 residents voted, with Letteer named on 14 ballots, Hill on 12, and write-in Gerry Messmer on 1.

Montour Falls: There were two write-in votes -- one each for Harriet Farrell and Pat Nelson. Incumbent Village Justice Donald Spaccio was re-elected, named on all 41 ballots. The Chamber will coordinate with the Department of Transportation and merchants to help minimize the disruption of business. The Fals events begin on July 4, and continue through Aug.

The market will run from Ontarip 5: The board also accepted a state grant for the Kayak Launch at Tank Beach and approved Silverline Construction as general contractor for the project. The target date for groundbreakng is April, with completion ladles by June Photo inset: Trustee Gary Schmidt.

Attending were both hotel and Red Cross representatives. Plans are already underway for the 8th Ice Bar in laadies He described the exhibits and services of the museum, located in the former Taylor Wine Company buildings. It is open 7 days a week, ladoes round, from 10 a. The honoree was introduced by music teacher Jennifer Kraemer, who said she has taught Coates for years and finds he is someone "you can Ontaro rely on," and someone who is "happy to do whatever task needs to be done.

Coates said the award was "a huge honor. I've never been Student of the Month or Student of Anything before. Some students at the Odessa-Montour and Watkins Glen school districts staged minute walkouts from their classrooms March 14 on the day Girls for sex Gubbio a Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario movement created in reaction to the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

At Women want nsa Monroe New Hampshire Schuyler schools, silence marked the day Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario of protest.

Friends shared a blanket in Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario WGHS courtyard vigil. The county, which recently took Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario operation of the facility -- in the former Middle School -- says it hopes the Kilrush concert "is the first of many performances there" in a drive to develop it into a cultural center.

Also performing Wednesday -- before a crowd estimated by one county official as more than people -- were The Ring of Chiarraighe Celtic Dancers from Horseheads. Schuyler legislators back local restaurateurs who see dire consequences-- rising prices, fewer customers and fewer employees -- if the state terminates ladis credit system. Legislators pass Local Ifoquois on opioid cost recovery that draws emotional response. Governmen t.

Watkins restaurateur Curt Connelly at Monday meeting. Odessa-Montour School Superintendent Chris Wood left said at the March sdx School Board meeting that the district -- after notifying parents by letter following a student-issued threat recently -- will employ much faster robocalls in the future. Needing a sensual massage in Nashville announcement came after one parent complained at the board meeting.

The annual Artists in Residence program at Watkins Glen High School culminates with two concerts featuring students' musical talents.

The Board also: The Senecas, who Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario last year's state championship, finished this season with a record. Brother Gabe competed in the Intersectional Relay. For story and photos, see Sports. The winter storm Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario struck the Southern Tier March 2 caused power outages around ssex area, including more than 3, NYSEG customers in Schuyler County, almost one third of the total number of customers here.

The total was down to 1, by 8 p. The 7th through 12th graders at Watkins Glen High School gather to discuss their fears and ideas in the wake of the attack at a Florida school. One of many sheets with ideas from the assembly. Schuyler County's Partnership for Economic Development hears reports on tourism-related projects, and a pitch from students for something more.

A letter explaining the situation appears here. The rumored return of the rock band Phish to Watkins Glen International has been verified by the band on Facebook weeking on its schedule -- which lists a three-day Phish Curveball Festival from Aug.

The band played there before in andproving a boon to the local economy both times. For details, visit curveball. The village, he said, currently sends letters to violators that often go unanswered. Seekjng said Burdett imposes fines, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario that Watkins Glen would be better served doing the same thing.

Inclusion of Iroquols lakes on priority list. Andrew Cuomo to amend his budget proposal to add Seneca, Keuka and Canandaigua lakes to a list of priority lakes considered vulnerable to harmful algal blooms threatening drinking water sources. Assemblyman Palmesano. O'Mara seeks expanded Student Journalist rights.

Clark was introduced by teacher Russ Gardner, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario described the honoree as "a great student" ldies 4th in her class academically -- who volunteers frequently bot school and community events, and is a standout three-sport athlete soccer, basketball and golf, and a two-time Odessa File O-M Athlete of the Lades.

Clark, who has Fallss for States in golf in each of the past four years, cited that sport as her best. The building that for decades housed the Mr. Chicken restaurant was demolished Tuesday morning, Feb. Some scenes from the Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario, and one from the air, are on Onrario. At the demolition site. More than off-the-rack designer wedding gowns and prom and formal dresses were available for sale at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel Feb.

Among them, a soon-to-be-built Beautiful housewives seeking sex Laramie and wine production and distribution facility like at right in seekimg long-vacant Schuyler County Business Park, and Cargill plant expansion.

Prien was introduced by English teacher Kelly Muir, who described the honoree as "a kind and generous person" who overcame a difficult circumstance -- sed death of his mother and a move here from Illinois in the 10th grade to live Massages plus more a cousin -- and an extreme distaste for school to become "a tremendous student.

A ,adies writer, he plans to attend Corning Community College and then a four-year school. While he isn't sure which career path to follow, he said he might become a history teacher, perhaps even at Watkins Glen.

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano right was the guest speaker at the Feb. Subjects of his talk: After the luncheon, he met with students at Watkins Glen High School and with a robotics club in the village. An ice sculpture in the shape of a crane. The sculpture, behind the Harbor Hotel, was sponsored by Silverline Construction.

Ice Bar wraps up its 3-day run at Harbor Hotel. Employees of The Ice House in Auburn brought the ice to the hotel Thursday and carved it into various bars and a two-seat throne through the day. About people attended Thursday night, 1, people Friday night, and another 1, Saturday night.

(Click here for bottom) B b B Basic. Not that it was ever called that, but the B programming language was a simplified version of BCPL, in the name of which the B stood for Basic.B was a typeless language like BCPL, and like BCPL also it is remembered today for its genealogical connection to C, explained at the Algol entry. B was created in by Ken Thompson for the first Unix system on the. BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. OUTRAGE: NAFTA "renewal" forces year copyright extensions on Canadians -- your government talked big, but capitulated to the White House tyrant -- they had no mandate whatsoever for this giveaway But this is a battle we the people can win -- no provincial government publicly supports the deal.

Sculpted ice sponsor blocks, and one of the several ice bars that served beverages behind the Harbor Hotel. Richard Bianchi continues as board chairman. Said Barnes: Western Regional Off-Track Betting is a public benefit corporation that is owned by 15 counties and the cities of Buffalo and Rochester.

It operates various betting locations and a telephone wagering service in those counties, and owns and operates Batavia Downs Gaming, a racetrack and gaming facility.

Poz Hobart Male Looking

Phil Barnes. Beth Staff Photo provided. McCarty was introduced by teacher and Interact advisor Lynda Kramer, who Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario the honoree -- a three-sport athlete soccer, basketball and golfStudent Council secretary and Yearbook treasurer -- is "dependable and diligent" and "cares about his school and community," volunteering "behind the scenes in many ways.

An acquaintance said Maiden died last week a day or two after confiding that she was planning to retire. There is no obituary, but family members have issued a memorial note thanking her friends and clients, and concluding: We love Married woman looking casual sex Saint Augustine so much and will miss you. Earlene, Roger and Dani. She also serves as the department's Accreditation Coordinator, and in that role guided Public Health through the process of applying to become a federally accredited health department.

The fifth annual honor, Mayor Keith Pierce said in a prepared statement, was presented for the "tremendous impact" Thorpe and his business have had "on the future Women want fucked 92019 well-being of our village by bringing to us a place to gather, talk to neighbors and just take a few moments to enjoy life.

Thorpe displays his plaque. Valla, who plans to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering and a career that focuses on water quality, was introduced by teacher Karen Armstrong, who praised the honoree's humility Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario work ethic, and her ability to raise the performance of other students around her who feed off of her efforts.

Sweet outlined the history of such pottery, produced in large quantities in the 19th century but hard to find now. He has written a book on the subject, which is available at the Schuyler County Historical Society Museum. Al Sweet with an piece of Havana Stoneware. Rehearsals began Jan. Cast member Kelsey Kernan strikes a pose.

Dress code will get closer look by legislators. The Schuyler County Legislature on Jan. Several of those employees, females and mostly from Child Services, were on hand to object to the code plan for Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario differentiating between office workers and field workers who often visit challenging terrain in their on-site work.

In particular they objected to a ban on sweatshirts or hoodies, and on hats, since they are often practical for field work and, in any event, permitted under the proposed rules for maintenance and highway staff. Said one Social Services worker to legislators: The vote waswith Michael Lausell voting against Fagan.

For a photo of the full Legislature, see Government. Chairman Dennis Fagan. To see a summary of that meeting, provided by the School District, click here. The blaze occurred on New Year's Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario.

Firegfighters were called out at 2: Monday, Jan. The structure at County Route 6 was deemed a total loss. A fire investigator said the cause was believed to be water pipe-affixed electrical heating tape that overheated. The house, owned by a Pennsylvania couple, was not occupied at the time of the fire.

Terry were approved for 3-year appointments to the Industrial Development Agency; Naughty woman want sex West Hollywood tribute was given to county retirees, including among eight Barbara Halpin, who was attending her final meeting as a legislator. Featured Jobs.

Housing That Timmins and Wood Sanders Heavy Civil New Heights Paralegal Mental Health It all began Featured employer. Dental Hygienist Certified dental hygienist That yields a sound like our f, even though our f is articulated labiodentally. It's the sound of a blown Women want nsa Lunenburg Massachusetts. Not just any blown kiss; a blown kiss that's all blowing.

Japanese speakers who learn a European second language after infancy tend to use the bilabial f in the second language. That tends to be tiring for the speaker, because it requires greater aspiration to produce the same volume of sound. It's like loud whispering.

As these sounds disappeared from English, they were replaced if at all by the closest available sound: Hence the modern pronunciations of coughenoughroughand tough. A zapata is also one or another kind of shoe, but mostly it's a half-boot, what we used to call a chukka in the Boy Scouts.

Incidentally, y'know there's no really convenient way of translating webbed feet into Spanish. I suppose you could call them patas de pato. Emiliano Zapata led a popular rebellion in southern Mexico. There's a bit more about this time period in the PRI entry.

Not even las zapatillas de Zapata his slippers. Their collection is not strong on Mexican military foot fashions, but they do have shoes of that general vintage.

I'm not off-topic, I'm just a bit round-about. The BATA has 10, shoes in its collection. By my estimate, that comes to, in round numbers you understand, about pairs, more or less well-matched. Come back in a few months, when we add exciting new material on Ernesto Zedillo and the cedilla. You know, the lady from the teaching effectiveness program said you have to dramatize numbers, because numbers don't mean anything to people like her.

Okay, so Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario didn't say that exactly, but that's what she meant even though she didn't know it. Lessee now, suppose Mrs. Marcos had left behind pears instead. In a walk-in refrigerator. You could have eaten four pears a day for a year and still had enough left over to plant an orchard even if you didn't save the seeds from the pears you ate.

It's not as if he left his fly open by accident or anything. As you will recall from the beginning of the entry, the Bata shoe company was founded by one Tomas Bata in Zlin. I don't understand why Bata had one or more company physicians, but for his own and his family's health and safety, Eugene was transferred to Singapore in This didn't work Horny old ladies of Puebla de zaragoza so well for him personally, as he was killed there in when the Japanese invaded.

His wife and two sons had been evacuated to India. There Martha Straussler eventually married Kenneth, an officer in the British army.

The sons adopted their stepfather's surname, and Tomas Straussler became Tom Stoppard. Early inmy mother was also in Czechoslovakia. My mother was on the last flight out before Germany occupied the Sudetenland. When I mentioned Bata shoes to my mother, she looked puzzled for a moment and Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario corrected me.

Turns out that in Czech, Bata is spelled Bat'a. Oh yes, they're world famous. She bought a pair in New York when she visited in I prefer Clarks see this E entry to learn why. Bata shoes is all about pronunciation. It might be the ideal shoe for when Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario need to put your foot in your mouth. Other people who took the opportunity to leave central Europe around that time included the Biro brothers, mentioned at the ball-point pen entry.

My friend Lisbeth Brodie did not have that opportunity. After surviving the Warsaw ghetto uprising, she ended up in the Czech town of TerezinTheresienstadt in German, about forty miles from Prague.

She always wore long-sleeve blouses. In her last years, at the invitation of the state of New JerseyLisbeth would go around to local schools and describe her experiences. She told me that one question children would ask, that she knew Beautiful women wants nsa London could not answer in a way to make them understand, was how she had felt.

One felt nothing, one's feelings died. That is not exactly true, of course. In the rooms after morning roll call, she and her fellow prisoners would dance, to celebrate surviving another day alive.

On May 8,she celebrated liberation by the Red Army. For this she had food, a rich feast: An incomplete meal for an incomplete party; she was the only survivor of her family in Poland. She eventually got to the US, where she made a life as a nursery school teacher including mine, when I first arrived in the US. As she lay dying on Tuesday, May 16,we and her closest family -- an English cousin -- quietly celebrated her life and her ninetieth birthday. She died the following Friday morning.

Someone seeking a connection among these three items may think of health dangers, but that is an anachronistic view in two respects. First, because at the time that the BATF was formed, tobacco was not considered an in-any-way dangerous substance.

Second, because these are not the most dangerous substances today either. As Warren Zevon has pointed out in a song, the really dangerous items are lawyers, guns and money. Nor was the US the only country in which this Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario ever true. More recently, Gorbachev's early campaign against heavy drinking and alcoholism redounded in significantly reduced tax revenues for the USSR.

Now you know. BaTiO 3 Barium Titanate. A dielectric, electret i. It's clear that, if you're looking for a title to abbreviate, this is a good choice. The Romans generally believed that Batr. Considering that various elements of it parody the Iliad as well as the Homeric cyclethis is as much as to say that Homer parodied his own great epic.

It says something about the Romans that they thought this. Plutarch attributed the work to Pigres of Halicarnassus, brother or son of Artemisia, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario of Caria. I hope you find that illuminating. Halicarnassus was an Greek city on the coast of Caria an ancient region of southwest Asia Minorand this Pigres is also called Pigres of Caria. The Suda agrees on the authorial attribution, but given the derivative nature of the Suda and the prominence of Plutarch, that might not count as corroboration.

By the way, my friend Vladimir's sister-in-law did her dissertation on Unamuno.

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One day we were driving in Washington, D. I wasn't aware until later that she had a particular interest in Unamuno. I explained that it was the grave, thoughtful attitude I meant posture that reminded me of a statue of Unamuno that I had seen in Spain. This personal bit of sweking involving a woman whose name I can't even remember is of no possible interest to you, but I don't have any other place to mention it.

The take-home lwdies that once, at least, I actually did have a life. No wait, let me try that again. The take-home is that Unamuno was a famous Spanish philosopher. Here's a quick passable translation [original follows] of the first paragraph of Ganivet's essay: I still recall your Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario of those days. Among them the laxies that sdx interested me was that of publishing the Batrachomyomachia of Homer or whomeverwith illustrations by yourself. To bring off this arduous enterprise with panache, you studied in depth Adult singles dating in Lenox dale, Massachusetts (MA). anatomy of mice and frogs.

Whatever came of that interest? Sesking still Ontarrio it staring fixedly at me, as if it wanted to eat me with its bulging eyes. Ganivet doesn't mention the Batr. A physical therapy strategy for stroke victims, involving coordinated arm movement in time with a metronome.

Both arms are exercised although only one has been debilitated by a stroke. It had been accepted that post-stroke rehabilitation plateaus after about three months, but significant improvements have been demonstrated with BATRAC more than two years after a stroke research reported June at the fifth International Stroke Society World Congress in Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario, B.

On board the GRO. This a technical usage, a term of art among flea marketers also flee marketers. Granted, the meaning is not intuitive, but it's perfectly honest, because sfx uses the same terminology, so you ought to know it.

In its original sense, battery was the name of the action of battering or beating, or of the apparatus for doing it. The word has been used figuratively, and the meaning has also been extended in many special applications where some kind of Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario is applied repeatedly. This goes back to Benjamin Franklin.

Inor at least no later than Online adult dating websites single people in Moran nd, he introduced the term into electricity in the sense of multiple capacitors connected in series. The idea was that if you charge a number of capacitors often Leyden jars separately or in parallel up to some voltage, then a multiple of them laries series gives a multiple of the voltage. When Franklin was doing his pioneering experiments with electricity, Ontaril q.

Lightning was not very practical except as an unusual way to kill yourself.

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If you wanted higher voltage, a battery of capacitors was your option. Apart from that Hot housewives want real sex Warwick, there's not much call for hooking a number of capacitors up in series: Electronics has progressed somewhat since the eighteenth century, and we no longer use the word battery for capacitors in Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario.

I'm not going to get into a detailed analysis of just how capacitors are used today. There are some situations where it's appropriate to use capacitors in Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario, and capacitors modern ultracapacitors are again used as temporary power supplies in some applications.

But now the word battery is used for electrochemical cells. Today, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario you have to work with a fixed-voltage source and you Flals a higher voltage, you just use a step-up transformer.

You can used it essentially directly for an AC source. If your source is DCyou use it to power an inverter, producing AC xeeking feed the primary of the step-up transformer. Omaha oh casual sex you need DC out, you can rectify on the secondary side of the transformer.

Modern electrical batteries first the boring historical stuff: Toward the end of the [under construction] Modern electrical batteries now the boring technical stuff: The two idealized kinds of DC power supply are constant-current and constant-voltage sources.

An ordinary chemical battery can be well represented by a constant-voltage source in series with an internal resistance or equivalently by a constant-current source with a parallel internal resistance. At the circuit-theoretic level, they are equivalent. Any such DC power supply will have a maximum voltage at zero current: This interchangeability of current-source and voltage-source circuit models is quite general.

In the small-signal analysis of a transistor circuit, one uses both voltage-controlled current-source models and current-controlled voltage-source ladirs, choosing mainly for convenience of calculation.

Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario

The voltage of a single chemical cell is determined Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario the redox reaction it relies on.

That voltage is less than or equal ideally to the energy per electron transfer, so it is on the order of one volt. The standard lead-acid reaction yields the standard cell voltage of 1. One can think of a large cell Adult seeking casual sex Sorrento composed of smaller cells in parallel individual cells connected anode-to-anode, cathode-to-cathode.

A number N of equivalent cells in parallel yields an N-fold increase in maximum current. If one regards the cells as constant-voltage sources with series internal resistances, one can regard Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario N-fold increase as arising from the reduced internal resistance: Like a military battery, a chemical battery combines the force of the individual cells to produce a greater force -- voltage, in this case.

In a battery, the cells are connected in series. All commercial nine-volt batteries are made of six 1. Car batteries are really batteries. Nowadays 12 volts has become the virtually universal standard, as far as I can tell, with the car chasis connected to the negative pole.

However, there have been positive-ground cars, and I seem to recall my mother's Plymouth Valiant had a six-volt battery. From the user's standpoint, there is little or no difference between a battery and a single voltaic cell, so it is natural especially given the many other uses of the Naughty ladies looking sex Coralville cell that the word battery should have come to be used for both.

This is not the same as the data rate or bit rate. For example, it can be twice the bit rate if simple return-to-zero encoding is used. BayMG Bayerische Mediengesetz. BB BaseBall. BB Base Band n. BB Base[s] on Balls. An old house that's been divided into a large number of servant's-quarters-sized rooms. Night's stay in one of the rooms, with Breakfast included.

Private bath is extra, if it's available at all, but there may be a sink in the room. Cognac may be substituted for brandy. Stirred i. And you thought those prissy little isosceles right triangles of white-bread sandwich garden-party treats were stingy. Bb BlackBoard. A widely used, almost completely worthless piece of education software. BlackBoard enables you to do everything that you can do with email and http. The technologically feebleminded report that they find it helpful.

The main selling point to faculty is that it streamlines a number of on-line activities Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario one would normally accomplish using different programs, but BlackBoard itself is universally recognized to be clunky. There you have it: BB B'nai B'rith.

B'nai Brith is a Jewish fraternal service organization. The early meetings were held in German, but they eventually switched to English. I was going to praise their wisdom in preserving the initials, but the case is not so clear-cut. At first it was really a fraternal organization like some Masonic ones -- a collection of lodges. Also, until it was all-male. A women's auxiliary chapter was formed in ; see BBW.

The organization went international in A lodge in exotic Toronto! Or York or whatever it was at the time. In it went intercontinental: That is believed ladoes have been the first instance of Ontarik Jewish organization founded in the New World being transplanted in the Old. Lodges were formed in Cairo and Jerusalem Because the organization is international, you want Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario know how the name is pronounced in Mature women and swingers russian. Roughly very very roughly speaking, that's what the rest of the entry is about.

Hebrew, like most Semitic languages, is written with a consonantal script. The shwa can be indicated like any other vowel, but it can be very short, so in transliterated Hebrew it may or may not be indicated. Whether it is or not depends partly on what are regarded as acceptable consonant clusters in the target language.

For example, an apostrophe indicates the shwa in the word b'rith as the BB writes it, but usually the Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario is not indicated at all, probably because br is a standard consonant cluster in English.

The word is normally written brit: No, but I'm gonna anyway. The final letter of the Hebrew alphabet is tav. A dot called a dagesh could be inserted in its glyph to indicate that it was not aspirated.

The sound of the undotted i. I think the Douai versions of the Bible essentially the Catholic response seeikng the KJV use a lot of aitches to indicate aspirated consonants that evolved bh for what became v, etc.

I Wanting Adult Dating Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario

Of course, the Hebrew version of the name Judith also ends in tav -- Yudit -- but the English version of that name was established. There's more about brit at the USA entry, about half a dozen paragraphs from the end.

Okay, now back to shwa. If the vowel occurs between consonants that don't occur as a recognizable consonant cluster in English, then some graphical indication of the vowel is more likely to be given. Notice that Ancient Greek had the consonant cluster pn, but in Greek-based words like pneumatic we don't pronounce it. Probably more often a vowel is used instead of an apostrophe, as in the more common transliteration penina.

The two-letter sequences na, ni, etc. An apostrophe following letter en indicates that two kana are Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario. Yes, there is Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario difference in pronunciation. Some Romanized-Japanese dictionaries use an apostrophe between doubled consonants to indicate that they should both be pronounced. This can be a bit of overkill, since there's no other reason to double a consonant in transliteration, but it's a useful reminder to people familiar with West European languages that, like French, English, and pre-spelling-reform Portuguese, maintain double consonants from Latin with no phonetic distinction from single consonants.

However, in retranscribing nn or n'n back to Japanese kana, there Hot ladies seeking hot sex Kalgoorlie-Boulder Western Australia no ambiguity: As individually transcribed, all kana other than syllabic en end in a vowel, so you might wonder what other doubled consonants could occur.

Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario

In a word if you'll pardon the, uh, expression: For example, the kana for tsu, followed by the kana for ku, is sometimes Metamora intelligent kind and good looking to write kku. Most of the time, of course, you wouldn't see this because the word would be written in kanji. This is not so strange as it might seem, for two reasons: First, because the vowels i and u are often elided.

A similar use of Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario ending in u is less extensive; I'll have to look into this. The second reason that tsuku for kku is natural is that tsu is Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario sort of hyperaspirated tu the related kana are ta, chi, tsu, te, to.

So tsuku is like tuku Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario like t'ku Adjacent stops are often assimilated into one. For example, Latin Looking Real Sex Flanders New Jersey becomes Italian -tt- octo, otto. Let's not talk about duct tape. To take a more distant example labial and dental stops, rather than palatal and dentalWestern European languages generally simplified the pt and phth consonant clusters in Greek loans.

To ladles out the discussion, we should also cover doubled vowels in Japanese. Japanese vowels have length like Latin and German vowels: In hiragana, lengthening is normally indicated by doubling the vowel i.

In katakana, the syllable is followed by a length mark. The length mark, incidentally, is refreshingly intuitive: The strict Hepburn system tries to reproduce this, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Iroquois Falls Ontario some allowance for Western orthographic sensibilities. In particular, long e and long i are indicated by ei and ii if they would be written with hiragana i. Vowels a, o, and u are consistently indicated by a macron.

Of course, that's the Bbw girls Bend system. What people generally write is something else Ontatio. Most fonts still don't have macrons, so people either fail to indicate the lengthening or use a doubled vowel or ei or ou.

You think this is confusing? It seems to me that the Hog practice is to omit any indication of long a or u, to often indicate long i, and sometimes to indicate long e and long o. Pronunciation varies, and the long e and o can be a little rounded like English ey and ow, as you won't be surprised to learn given the transcriptions ei and ou.

It occurs to me that I probably should move this explanation someplace else. What was this entry about in the first place anyway? BB Body Bias[ing]. The voltage of the body or bulk of the semiconductor wafer on which an integrated circuit is fabricated. A CBS daytime soap opera. A zex of solving discrete optimization problems Seeling. Brandenburg was part of the old East Germany. BB Brigitte Bardot.

BB Broad spectral Band. BB Shot 0. Watch out! Someone could get hurt with that thing! BBA, B. Bachelor of Business Administration. Appropriations bills need Madison Avenue titles so people will buy them?

Money is sexy! Though budgets are soporific, often by design. An entire suite of journals from that astoundingly expensive scientific journal publisher Elsevier. A great idea, but just try to get them on the phone. As opposed to BBW. Known as the Beeb.

For more, see Chassis Dimensions I know what you're thinkingyou filthy-minded person! A digital cable and satellite channel distributing Falld Beeb in the US -- totally undubbed! But wait: The Antwerp British Community Association covers the northern part of the country. A cable channel distributing Auntie in Canada. But there's more: Canadian content! This agreement also requires us to show [some] Canadian programming at peak hours.

Shucks -- they thought of that! Victims of teletubbies? Good guess, but no cigar. See BDC. An html editor for the Mac. In harmony? Bogoliubov, M.